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Luxembourg 2023 news

The ‘’ platform

Study on Skills Strategy – assessment and recommendations

Luxembourg 2022 news

Luxembourg: integrating Ukrainian refugees in education and the labour market system

Luxembourg: Digital learning hub

Luxembourg: sectoral studies on skills anticipation

Luxembourg 2021 news

Luxembourg: ‘The future is SMART’ campaign

Luxembourg: Youth eAcademy: digital skills for young jobseekers

Luxembourg: ‘Future skills’ initiative launched in 2020

Luxembourg 2020 news

Luxembourg: Specialised agent in smart materials: new dual training programme

Luxembourg: new platform for professional orientation and guidance

Luxembourg: Simply digital, a comprehensive digital education strategy for all

Luxembourg: Covid-19 News

Luxembourg 2019 news

'Skills United': campaign promoting vocational training and skills competitions

Updated labour code and law on reforming vocational training

New technician programme in smart technologies

Luxembourg: Sprong an D’Léier – project for preventing drop outs

Luxembourg 2018 news

Luxembourg: new TEVA barometer monitors professional integration

Luxembourg: new guide to secondary programme offers (Meng Schoul)

VET Goes Cross-border

National Observatory of School quality

Luxembourg Digital Skills Bridge